Ciara & Theo's work

Horse Mask (photocopy)

Glitter and glue.

Rubber stamps

Hand & sponge painting

And more hand & sponge painting.

I have two kids, one age five and one two, and they both love playing with materials in Dad's studio. Above are a couple of examples. I REALLY like the scary horse mask made out of a piece of blackened photocopy paper!

I also had a spare large 3' X 4' canvas knocking about the studio, gathering dust and waiting for a bit of attention. So on a particularly grim rainy summer day in the school holidays, Ciara and I set up a work area just at the right height for her to be able to reach all parts of the canvas. I usually paint on a large drawing but no matter what we tried we could not get it low in enough for her to reach the top. After some juggling, we set up on an old wooden box and then set to by using up some of our old emulsion tester pots and some old acrylic paint. We mixed up some water with the base paint to make it slightly runnier, then added a bit of glaze medium to help the paint become a bit more transparent. Then let rip, painting with hands brushes first and then pouring paint from one end of the canvas to the other. The 'finished' painting is now hung on the kitchen wall. Great fun! The nice thing about working like this is that it makes me loosen up a bit with the paint and lets Ciara really throw paint around - which she did with great enthusiasm. We also agreed that on the next rainy school holiday, we'd re-work the same canvas, so it has the potential to develop and change with every session - a work in progress for us both!