Origami Pound Notes!

A three quarter page image used inside the magazine.

This is how the cover was printed, with the background details reduced - I REALLY like the printed result, not something I often say about a printed illustration, and the sign of really good Art Dept working well with their contributors (photography or illustration).

The finished image ready for print as originally supplied.

The line pencil sketch after client approval

A recent project that proved quite challenging in that it required a much more visually economic approach than my usual working method. After a discussion with the Deputy Art Director, it was decided that it would be interesting just to focus on the central object, minimising the background's importance. I really enjoyed having to keep things simple and just concentrating on the main theme and not being distracted by background. This is completely alien to me as I usually like to envelope a figure or object in an environment of its own to make the scenario or concept more convincing to the viewer. I REALLY enjoyed this approach overall - a working method I'll certainly be exploring further.