Christmas Cards.

At long last I've finally created some of my own Christmas cards, something I've never got around to doing before. A couple of playful ideas to be used on cards for personal use, not a client mailer or anything on that scale - that said a few clients may get one in the post! Somehow I've never done a Christmas 'work' mailer as yet, despite the obvious promotional opportunity with all of those cards crossing the globe to their respective personal and commercial destinations. Will do one at some point!

The images were done pretty quickly using elements of recent work. The 'ghosts of illustrations past' as it were! We three kings (robin X 3) is a play on the three wise men, combined with a reference to a set of decorative wall mounted ceramic ducks from a childhood memory of them being on an aunts wall. Space baubles X2, one with a background and one without - these B movie references will just not go away.!!! I also wanted to try out a new printer who I've not used before (Moo clicky). A very user friendly site, but limited scope to play with the overall card design. Will report back on the quality when they thud onto the doorstep.