Deep Sea Critter.

We found this little critter washed up on beach. Called a Lumpsuker and about 14" / 35cm long, so named due to having modified pectoral fins used to grip on to rocks. A photo of a healthy one in action too, courtesy of the 'What's on in the South West' web site: Link . Anyone who knows me well, understands my interest in and enthusiasm for anything marine related. In an earlier life I was very nearly on track to becoming a Marine Biologist, but failing my physics A level (was always hopeless at knuckling down to revise!) led me to take a 'year out' to do an Art Foundation Course for a bit of fun. A whole new world of possibilities opened up and thoughts of re-sitting physics exams were very quickly forgotten - sometimes failure is the best thing that can happen? I still retain a passion for sea dwelling beasties and over enthusiastically bore my wife (and kids!) with useless info on all things marine we find when out and about. How the time flies by for them LOL.