House move!

House move time! Blimey O Riley - why or why did we choose to go ahead and move house? The studio has become the location for all of the loft contents and general packing boxes, as a result its now a bit full. Just a couple of pix to show the before and after status of my nice shiny studio. From the start of June, it will no longer be mine :-( I have very mixed feelings about moving as I really feel at home in my workspace and also its the longest I've ever lived in a property. This fact came as quite a shock when I sat down and worked out how many houses I've lived in over the years, which totals to some seventeen properties from being a toddler. Most of the houses were when renting as a student in Brighton and then later in London. This house is where Su and I started a family as well, so from that point of view it will also be a huge wrench to leave. My children have never lived anywhere else, so it will be a great adventure for them to move into a new place and experience different surroundings, but I do think its going to be a period of great adjustment for them - and us. There are a lot of good memories in these walls and the only reason we are moving is to be closer to my wife's place of work as she has to commute an hour plus each day. Not good, especially over the last winter months - definitely time to move after the volume of snow we had here. We are leaving Bolton and heading over to the Fylde, so it will be wonderful to be near the sea again. After nine years living inland do I realise that my heart belongs near the coast. Another interesting aspect of the move is that we are leaving a 1930's period property where it has an unusual mix of Deco and Victorian architectural styling cues. The new house could not be more different as its a late 1960's property that remains largely unchanged in many ways. The decor is a mixture of 60's, 70's (mostly) and 80's. So a definite mish mash and clash of styles - there's work to be done! This sixties house will provide the ideal opportunity to hunt down some appropriate vintage furniture of the time to populate the rooms. Over time I've developed an appreciation for the product and interior design of that era so its pretty cool with me :-)